This Just In: MSNBC Especially Filled to the Gills with Hacks

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on November 3, 2012

So, the Pew Research Center did a study on Fox News and MSNBC. Here is what they found:

ON MSNBC, the ratio of negative to positive stories on GOP candidate Mitt Romney was 71 to 3.

That’s not a news channel. That’s a propaganda machine, and owner Comcast should probably change Phil Griffin’s title from president to high minister of information, or something equally befitting the work of a party propaganist hack in a totalitarian regime. You wonder how mainstream news organizations allow their reporters and corrdespondents to appear in such a cauldron of bias.

I thought show host Sean Hannity of Fox News defined party propagandist. But while his channel was bad, it wasn’t as bad-boy biased as MSNBC.

The ratio of negative to positive stories in Fox’s coverage of President Obama was 46 to 6.

This study helps explain why I watch neither Fox nor MSNBC on a regular, or even semi-regular basis; I want news, not programming designed mainly to preach to the converted. But for all of the Fox-bashing that goes on over on the port side of the partisan divide, it is now clear that MSNBC seeks to bring about even more epistemic closure on the left than Fox ever dreamed of bringing about on the right.

Not that this surprises me. The rare times I watch MSNBC, I feel as though I slipped through the looking glass. But there really ought to be an effort to inform liberals of the Pew results in order to make it clear to them that they are less news-consumers and more propaganda-consumers thanks to MSNBC.

If only we can get Chris Matthews to cover the story so that liberals can be made aware of it. I doubt he will though; it won’t cause any thrills to run down his leg.

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