The Final Jobs Report Before the Election–What It Says, and What It Means

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on November 2, 2012

171,000 new jobs created, but the unemployment rate has gone up to 7.9%–which is actually higher than it was when Barack Obama took office. As the story indicates, the Obama administration promised us that the enactment of the stimulus package in 2009 would bring down unemployment to 5.4% by now. Obviously, we’re not even close to that mark.

Maybe some readers expect a long discussion from me regarding the employment numbers. But I’ll keep my discussion short and write only this: If you think that 7.9% unemployment is the best that we can do, then by all means, vote for Barack Obama.

But if you think that we can do better, there is another major party candidate for the presidency who needs your help and your vote. Giving it to him may not be the world’s worst idea.

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