More on the Continuing Obama Ground Game

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on November 16, 2012

Team Obama is not disbanding itself post-election. Quite the contrary; it is determined to keep its ground game intact in order to follow up its electoral victory with policy victories as well. See also the Obama-Biden campaign Tumblr, which is also sticking around to drive policy changes.

What are Republicans and the right in general doing to combat this? Do we have a ground game of our own. Is anything being done to keep the vestiges of the Romney ground operation intact and to build on that operation so that it becomes a formidable political force? Is anyone working to lay the foundation for a campaign team of activists and volunteers that will benefit the next Republican presidential candidate in 2016?

Because if they are, I have missed the memo. And I daresay that I am not alone. And if I am not alone, then that is an indictment of any burgeoning grassroots effort on the part of the right that is designed to help the Republican party and the right in general to make a comeback in the aftermath of last week’s election.

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