Chris Matthews Likes Devastating Storms So Long as They Help Democrats Win Elections

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on November 8, 2012

This is what happens when a lousy mind pairs up with a damaged soul:

Behold harsh words for Matthews. And they are entirely merited:

Is there a smaller, more unprincipled man in the national political debate than Chris Matthews of MSNBC?

No, there is not.

Bereft of decency and devoid of soul, what mattered most for Matthews is that his candidate — in this case, President Obama — somehow was boosted over the top.

And if millions of his fellow citizens encounter appalling deprivations along the way — well, to Matthews, they’re just eggs to be broken for the Obama omelet.

[. . .]

“The storm brought in possibilities for good politics,” he added — referencing polls suggesting Sandy gave Obama a critical jolt.

Never mind the 100-plus deaths.

Never mind the destruction.

Never mind the tens of thousands still huddled without heat or power on Staten Island. Or Breezy Point. Or the Rockaways and Coney Island.

Matthews says he grew up on the Jersey Shore — as savagely hit by Sandy as any region along its devastating path.


From this pinched little man?


Perhaps just as scary as the comments is the fact that two days after they were made, there has been no apology for them either from Matthews or from MSNBC. And of course, Heaven forbid that the network actually grow a spine and denounce Matthews for his despicable and horrifyingly dumb statement . . . right before firing him. Which makes me wonder: Does MSNBC think that its viewers approve of these kinds of statements? Because if there is a viewer market for comments wishing death and destruction on a significant portion of the United States just so long as Democrats are allowed to look politically good in the aftermath, then a good part of the country deserves to be committed to an insane asylum.

Perhaps we can build one on another planet. Anything to get such people away from the rest of us.

UPDATE: Matthews has indeed apologized. The countdown to his next jaw-droppingly horrible statement officially begins. As for me, I don’t forgive him. Matthews has done enough in his public career for me to stand by what I wrote about him, and to stand by my endorsement of what the New York Post wrote about him. And again, the opprobrium that is and should be heaped on Matthews ought to be heaped as well on the leadership at MSNBC, who long ago made clear that they don’t have the intelligence or the moral integrity to fumigate the network by firing Matthews.

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