by Pejman Yousefzadeh on October 28, 2012

Some key takeaways from today’s news:

  • The race in Ohio is tied, with movement towards Romney.
  • Barack Obama leads Romney in Minnesota, but the race is within the margin of error.
  • Andrew Sullivan continues to make a mockery of himself. More here. Memo to the Daily Beast: If you want to have a sandcastle’s chance in an earthquake of being taken seriously as a news publication, fire Andrew Sullivan. And don’t disguise the fact that you are firing him.
  • The Gazettethe Des Moines Register,  and the Quad-City Times all endorse Mitt Romney for president, which means that all four major Iowa newspapers are backing Romney. The Des Moines Register, it should be noted, hasn’t backed a Republican for president since 1972. More on the Des Moines Register’s endorsement here; note that while Mitt Romney was brave enough to grant the newspaper an on-the-record interview, Barack Obama wasn’t.

Bottom line: Team Obama has lots of reasons to be worried. Team Romney has lots of reasons to be encouraged.

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