Did Hillary Clinton Get Thrown Under the Bush, Or Did She Voluntarily Dive Under It?

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on October 15, 2012

Whatever the case, her attempt to take a political hit for President Obama ought to satisfy no one. Not that Clinton doesn’t bear some responsibility for the safety and security of diplomatic personnel; of course she does and indeed, any secretary of state ought to assume some responsibility if something bad happens to our embassy and consulate staff anywhere in the world. But last I checked, Harry Truman never lent out his “The Buck Stops Here” sign to either George Marshall or to Dean Acheson. He kept it in the Oval Office.

If President Obama finds it too painful or politically difficult to accept responsibility for the disaster in Benghazi, then perhaps he ought to give way to a new president–one less likely to sell out a Cabinet member for the sake of political expediency, and more likely to personally take charge of any investigation in order to make sure that what happened in Benghazi never again happens anywhere else.

  • Stephen

    Voluntary: The timing is curious. Don’t see this working to Obama’s advantage going into the townhall. It’s not like it hasn’t highlighted the topic this very day.

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