So, Just In Case You Were Wondering about the Economy . . .

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on September 29, 2012

It continues to stink. We learned recently that second quarter GDP growth was only 1.3%, “showing that the recovery came close to stalling in the spring. The revision was down from the 1.7 percent rate the government reported in August. The economy grew at a 2 percent pace in the first quarter of the year and 3 percent at the end of 2011.”

Oh, and the average American household’s real income has fallen 5.7%, which is a drop of $3,040 per household.

Since the last thing that President Obama and his political allies and supporters want to do is to talk about this sorry record, I guess we are going to be discussing Mitt Romney’s tax returns again, along with how awful it is that he is such a Richy McRichperson. After all, we wouldn’t want to talk issues in this campaign, would we? Not while it would inconvenience the president’s re-election campaign anyway.

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