File Under “Broken Campaign Promises”

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on September 15, 2012

This article is useful in showing us where protests are springing up against the United States and its allies. As one can tell from the Google map, the Muslim world certainly does not lack for demonstrations and demonstrators.

Of course, back in 2008, we were assured that this kind of thing could not happen. Now, for the sarcasm-deprived who may be reading this post, I guess I should state that I don’t actually think that any pledge by any presidential candidate to get one part of the world to like us solely because of that candidate’s presence in the White House ought to be taken seriously in the first place. But it is worth remembering the naïveté with which then-Senator Barack Obama approached this issue four years ago. It is worth wondering whether he has learned anything in the intervening four years. And if not, it is worth considering whether another four years ought to be given to a president who believes that ancient passions in foreign countries can somehow be overcome by the mere power of his personality and life story.

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