Barack Obama: “Please Give Me a Mulligan”

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on September 1, 2012

Via Brian Faughnan, we have this:

The president views a second term in some ways as a second chance, an opportunity to approach the office differently, according to close aides. He would like to tackle issues such as climate change, immigration, education and filibuster reform.

Usually, the incumbent’s pitch to the voters is as follows:

  1. I have done a good job for you.
  2. There are things that I want to get done in a new term and that I believe are achievable. Here is a list of those things, here is why they are important to accomplish and here is how we can achieve them.
  3. The other side can’t or won’t achieve those things.

In going to the voters and asking for a mulligan, the president is largely skipping over step one. And who can blame him? It’s not as though he can claim that he has done much of a good job during his first term. Meanwhile, the Romney campaign needs to make clear to voters that a second term is not supposed to be a second chance. It’s supposed to be a reward for a job well done in the first term, along with a validation of an agenda for a second term. If the president is asking for a second chance, he is implicitly admitting that he squandered the first one.

And given that admission, he shouldn’t be re-hired for another four years. Rather, he should be sent home.

  • Hogarth Kramer

    Funny how interested he suddenly is in filibuster reform now that it appears that his party may soon be in the minority, isn’t it.

    • SurfinCowboy

      Imagine how freaked out the POTUS and many Democrat members of the Senate would be if the (hopeful) new Republican majority in the Senate changes the filibuster rules to make passing new legislation easier for themselves…

      I have heard others speak of the possibility of a decade-plus dominance by the GOP, if they do that which many in the public want; this could be a move.

  • Dolly Charles

    “climate change, immigration, education and filibuster reform” are not the economy. Yes, let’s spend another four years tanking the economy and changing the subject. If this is true, that that’s what he wants to do in the next four years, then why isn’t it appropriate to call Barack Obama sociopathically delusional?

    • Miriam

      My thoughts exactly – since when are any of these what is primarily on the voter’s minds?? Speaking of ‘out of touch’?!

    • Sherman Owen Halstead

      You touched on my first thought too. What’s not on his list: economic growth, jobs, fiscal restraint, taxes. Unfortunately for O, those are the only items on everyone else’s list.

  • Moonbeam

    Oh my goodness. The cognitive dissonance is stunning. If he thinks that the top issues on voters’ minds are climate change, immigration, education and filibuster reform, he absolutely deserves to lose in a landslide.

    • VictorErimita

      He doesn’t give a rat’s patio tie wmhat is on voters’ minds. He wants to impose his agenda and that of the radical Left on us all.

  • Bob Dible

    Lose in a landslide? I expect that he will lose 50 of his 57 states. He will carry the states of delusion, denial, depression, indecision, obfuscation, and two that have a lot of golf courses.

    • Moonbeam

      Those first five are the hidden states a little further to the west/left of Hawaii, right? I’ve never visited any of them myself, but I have a few friends who have visited each of them since they pulled the lever for Obama back in 2008.

      • spottedreptile

        apparently he’s buying a house there.

  • gunsmithkat

    He truly lives in a bubble. Let’s help him move his bubble either back to Chicago or as it’s rumored even farther away to Hawaii.

  • KenH

    This poltroon doesn’t deserve to be running a Gas Bar at a 7-11.

    • pyrexia

      That’s an insult to anyone running a Gas Bar at 7-11′s.

  • harkin b

    “climate change, immigration, education and filibuster reform”???? No mention of the economy and jobs? President Clueless indeed.

  • Palomides

    Obama chili-dips everything he hits, and we are lost in the rough. No mulligans.

  • Chris L.

    So the new Obama slogan is “Really, he’ll do better next time.”

  • Diggs Cleveland

    What a maroon!

  • jetty

    “Meanwhile, the Romney campaign needs to make clear to voters that a second term is not supposed to be a second chance.”
    Don’t worry, I think the voters get it.

  • teapartydoc

    The press wants us to pat him on the head, tell him what a good boy he is, and ask him to try and do better next time. The press can go do to themselves what the empty chair was telling Clint to do to himself.

    • Chris L.

      Yes, it’s called the “Leave It To Beaver” theory of government.

    • beej

      ‘good boy’ is racist …

  • Reid

    Everything old is new again. Expect him to tell us he’s “learned” from his mistakes, just like Jimmy.

  • spottedreptile

    Well, that speech is going to knock the socks off the country at the DNC.

  • effinayright

    “Please Give Me a Mulligan”???

    That’s exactly what Tiger Woods asked of his wife regarding his many infidelities!

    IOW Dog-Whistle!


  • Herp McDerp

    Another chance? Don’t forget this classic:

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