The Ryan Speech

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on August 30, 2012

Passionate. Smart. Sincere. Very Midwestern. At times, Ryan looked a little too earnest for his own good, and near the end, he was shouting more than he was exhorting. But he still found a way to be quite appealing, spoke to his strengths on the budget and the economy, presented an optimistic vision for America and found a way to criticize the Obama administration and its principals without looking mean or petty.

Oh, and when it came to telling the truth and sticking to the facts, Ryan did quite well. Relatedly, I find it interesting that this campaign has featured Obamaphiles who claimed that Romney is a felon, didn’t pay his taxes and killed a woman with the cancer death-stare. Now, during the Republican convention, these same people are complaining that fact-checking is a lost art. Savor the irony.

I liked how Ryan pointed out that while he and Romney are different people, the most important thing about them was that they were united in a common purpose. And his argument that the Obama administration is intellectually dead and lashing out at anyone with the temerity to observe as much is most welcome. His family made for some very appealing optics–his mother practically stole the show–and the whole speech showed why Ryan will be a formidable force on the campaign trail, not to mention the cause of many a nightmare for Joe Biden as the vice presidential debates approach.

I don’t know if I would go so far as to categorize the speech as a home run–Condoleezza Rice successfully swung for the fences when her moment arrived–but it was a solid triple and set up Mitt Romney nicely for his own star turn.

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