Speeches at the Republican National Convention

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on August 29, 2012

I agree with Jennifer Rubin’s assessment that Ann Romney’s speech at the Republican National Convention was a hit. She was warm, funny, hit all of the points that the campaign needed to hit, and did a great job re-introducing her husband to the American people (and let’s not forget that re-introductions of the nominee in a favorable light are part and parcel of political conventions). Of course, leave it to the New York Times to praise Ann Romney by slapping at Mitt Romney, but I hardly think that viewers of her speech were saying to themselves “you know, the problem with Ann Romney’s speech is that she is making her husband look bland by comparison. The campaign ought to be hating this.”

A lot of people focused on the fact that Chris Christie talked about his accomplishments and Republican ideas more than he talked about Mitt Romney. This strikes some commentators as having been a problem for the Romney campaign, but it ought to be remembered that outside of political junkies, not many people know who Chris Christie is. It was right and proper for Christie to introduce himself and to give people a glimpse of what he has been doing in New Jersey, and how Republican ideas have been working in a blue state. And it was right and proper for Christie to focus as well on how the implementation of Republican ideas could work nationwide if Romney is elected. The election is about more than personalities, after all.

Artur Davis gave a short but very effective speech, filled with sly digs at Team Obama. If Romney wins, he would be crazy not to consider Davis as a potential candidate for attorney general.

Alas, I missed Mia Love’s speech, but by all accounts, she did a superb job. I look forward to hearing more about her political career, and I am sure that what I hear will be very impressive indeed.

Finally, it is a shame that MSNBC deliberately chose not to show non-white speakers at the Republican National Convention. But no one is really surprised by this, are they? I mean, it’s established that MSNBC is not a serious news organization, isn’t it?

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