Did You Hear That Harry Reid Embezzles From Orphanages, Kicks Little Old Ladies, and Supplies Steroids to the Chinese Olympic Team?

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on August 3, 2012

It’s true! Why, a friend of Reid’s told me as much.

And of course, the burden shouldn’t be on me to prove these charges. Rather, the burden should be on Reid to disprove them.

Maybe all of this sounds strange to you, but I am just employing Reid’s ethics here.

Credit where it is due–Jon Stewart is having none of this:

Of course, it would be nice if some people in the media would point out the obvious reason for these shenanigans: The economy is going to the infernal regions in a handbasket during the watch of a Democratic president, and the Democrats don’t want you to think about or focus on that fact. So Harry Reid gets up in front of the cameras and tries to distract from the Obama administration’s sorry economic record by doing his best impression of Joseph McCarthy. In a just world, his own party would be so utterly revolted by his performance that they would demand his ouster from his position as Senate Majority Leader. But Democrats are more focused on winning the election than they are on doing the right thing, which is why as far as they are concerned, Reid is safe for the moment.

That does not mean that Republicans can’t work to make Reid utterly and completely toxic for his comments. Political attacks on Reid should start in earnest and should not stop. The media should be asked repeatedly to demand that Reid explain himself. Democrats should be forced to choose between condemning Reid and embracing McCarthyite tactics. And Barack Obama should be asked where he comes down on the issue of Reid’s antics. Harry Reid tried to put Republicans and Mitt Romney in a tight spot. He and his party should be made to pay in the court of public opinion for a completely unethical, poorly thought out move.

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