by Pejman Yousefzadeh on August 23, 2012

So, let’s review the bidding: Barack Obama’s campaign falsely and maliciously accused Mitt Romney of being a felon, colluded with Harry Reid to claim–with no evidence whatsoever–that Romney hadn’t paid taxes, and colluded (illegally) with a pro-Obama super PAC to publicize the claim that Romney laid off a woman from work and then later killed her with his cancer death-stare (the woman in question was laid off after Romney left his job as CEO of Bain, and the successor who presided over the layoff was a pro-Obama bundler). And we haven’t even mentioned all of the other negative ads Team Obama and its super PACs have been responsible for, or all of the claims that Paul Ryan wants to kill every grandmother and grandfather in existence.

And yet, Barack Obama claims that Team Romney “play[s] a little dirty.”

I don’t even know what it takes to make that kind of statement. I do know that no one who says it–and no one who believes it–ought to consider himself/herself the member of anything resembling a “reality-based community.”

  • Jeff Brokaw

    This is priceless. Bravo, sir!

    It’s a fine line between chutzpah and outright stupidity, and Team Obama continues to stun me by crossing that line with regularity. I mean, really, it’s just not that hard to call out b.s. today — have they heard about the Internet, I wonder …

  • Joe Schwind

    Just a small correction to your post — the woman who died wasn’t (supposedly) laid off by Romney. It was her husband who got canned.

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