Question for the Obama Campaign

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on July 19, 2012

If it is so serious about promoting job growth, then why hasn’t its jobs council met in the last six months?

Oh, and being patronizingly told that the president “has a lot on his plate” is hardly an answer to the question. I thought that the president cared about job creation. Why isn’t it on his plate?

Good on Mitt Romney for making a big deal out of this:

A fired-up Mitt Romney enlisted small-business owners at a town hall on Wednesday in his reenergized offensive against President Obama, arguing that Obama is so disinterested in job creation that he hasn’t met with his jobs council for six months.

“You know what he’s been doing over the last six months?” Romney asked in a crowded gymnasium at a community center here. “In the last six months he has held 100 fundraisers. And guess how many meetings he has had with his jobs council? None. Zero. Zero in the last six months.”

More like this, please.

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