Facts Remain Stubborn Things for Team Obama

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on July 15, 2012

Despite an unrelenting negative campaign against Mitt Romney–one driven by the fact that the president’s re-election team doesn’t have much good to talk about–Team Obama continues to be in the frustrating position of having Team Romney remain in the game electorally. Gallup shows that the two candidates are in a dead heat politically, and that’s just among registered voters; among likely voters, we may well see a Romney lead since likely voters tend to be more Republican. And then, there’s this:

President Obama’s reelection campaign is making a determined and carefully calibrated effort to boost enthusiasm among black voters, a group that could swing the election in key battleground states.

Polls have Obama winning more than 90 percent of the black vote against Mitt Romney, but there are signs that the high African-American turnout that fueled his 2008 victories in North Carolina and Virginia could dissipate after the hard realities of the president’s first term.

The chances for depressed turnout are increased by the bad economy, which at its worst drove the unemployment rate for blacks above 16 percent and led to some disillusionment with the candidate of “hope and change.”

Of course, no one ought to be surprised by the fact that African-Americans–who have suffered particularly much in the Obama economy–are not as excited about the president as they used to be.

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