A Campaign Built on a Fraud

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on July 8, 2012

The president got introduced for a campaign event in Youngstown, Ohio by Daniel Potkanowicz, a guy who told a hard luck story about losing his job to generate sympathy for himself and for the president.

Turns out that the reason Potkanowicz lost his job is that he violated trade secrets. What’s more, he has failed to comply with a court order to pay damages to his former employer. Damages owed: $500,000.

So, it turns out that Team Obama employed yet another false story to try to promote the president’s re-election chances. The only difference between this and the employment of other false stories is that in this case, the reliance on a lie did not appear to be deliberate. I guess that means that the best we can say about the Obama re-election campaign is that occasionally, it only accidentally misleads people.

Oh, it merits mention that Potkanowicz doesn’t like talking about how he lost his job, and why he owes $500,000 in restitution. But he is perfectly happy to tell a lie on behalf of the Obama campaign. Jim Messina must be getting nervous–Potkanowicz appears to be competing to replace him as the guy responsible for burying uncomfortable truths and telling convenient fibs on behalf of the Obama campaign. And true to form, it seems that Potkanowicz knows just about all of Team Obama’s trade secrets.

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