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by Pejman Yousefzadeh on June 21, 2012

Regarding Frank Rich’s call to have Barack Obama “destroy” (Sullivan’s word) Mitt Romney with negative attacks–including negative attacks that have the unfortunate tendency not to coincide with the truth–and in response to a tut-tutting of Rich’s strategy, the Inspector Javert of Trig Palin’s matrilineal line remarks that “if your enemy brings an AK-47 to the fight, what’s a man gonna do? Become Dukakis?”.

Two observations: (1) It’s not as though Romney outguns the sitting president of the United States when it comes to campaign resources and weaponry; and (2) we now know that Sullivan is entirely willing to have the president lie his way to re-election.

Which of course leads to a third observation: It is entirely likely that Sullivan will be willing to do a fair amount of lying as well, so long as it helps Team Obama’s cause.

  • Stephen

    Goodness. That would be unexpected.

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