The State of Modern Journalism

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on June 7, 2012

Some of Mitt Romney’s neighbors in La Jolla, California, have issues with the fact that he has moved there, since he is constructing an addition to his house, and since they disagree with his political views.

The New York Times thought that it was worthwhile to write a 1,801 word story about this issue.

Of course, some of your neighbors–and who knows, perhaps mine–might have issues as well. But since you and I are not presidential candidates, the Times won’t write about the potential woes of our neighbors. And there is no earthly reason for them to do so, since the potential woes of our neighbors are not pressing national concerns.

But then, neither are those of Mitt Romney’s neighbors. Which makes one wonder why the Times had to spend 1,801 words writing about them.

I am betting, of course, that the Times–which, as we all know, favors Barack Obama’s re-election–would spend much more time writing about the economy if it were doing well.

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