Smell the Desperation

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on June 3, 2012

The recall vote in Wisconsin is set to take place this coming Tuesday. Democrats are chomping at the bit to get rid of Governor Scott Walker, but if the polls are to be believed, that’s not going to happen. Given the intense levels of Walker-hatred on the port side, one can understand why the governor’s political enemies might be feeling incredibly frustrated.

So frustrated, in fact, that they have resorted to tactics that some might consider to be ridiculously underhanded. Like claiming that Walker fathered a child out of wedlock, and then ran away from his parental responsibilities.

The only problem with the story is that they got the wrong Scott Walker.

Somewhat less brazen, but no less irresponsible: E.J. Dionne, the liberal Washington Post columnist has complained that Walker “seeks to use incumbency to alter the rules and tilt the legal and electoral playing field.” This sentence requires translation, and Mickey Kaus provides it:

Dionne says Walker insidiously used “incumbency” to produce these changes. “Incumbency” in this case means a law was passed by a democratically elected legislature (incumbents all) and signed by a democratically elected incumbent governor. It’s not like Walker said “We can’t wait” and imposed the change through executive order.”

(Kaus link via Glenn Reynolds.) If this is the best that Walker’s opponents have, then the governor deserves to win going away.

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