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by Pejman Yousefzadeh on May 3, 2012

THE first time someone said to me that serious concern about the future of Social Security was over-blown, right-wing-hype and that fixing it could be put off several decades I was speechless. Now I just feel sad to be hearing it more. The state of Social Security is a problem worthy of our attention. There are several relatively simple solutions. The sooner America takes action the cheaper a fix will be. True, health care poses a bigger fiscal problem; that does not justify ignoring Social Security. One doesn’t ignore a broken leg because he has cancer. And true, even if America does nothing until 2033, when the trust fund runs out and revenue fails to cover benefits, it will probably not bankrupt the country. But that is also no excuse to ignore the problem; it merely punts it to future generations.

A.C.S. A note to Paul Krugman: Income inequality is not nearly the concern that income mobility–or the lack thereof–should be.

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