Mitt Romney at Harvard

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on May 21, 2012

The way I figure it, if we are going to obsess over a story about how one time, when he was eighteen, Mitt Romney might have been a meanie to someone, we ought to obsess even more over how he attended both Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School at the same time, when he proved himself to be hyper-smart, hyper-dedicated, intensely loyal to friends and classmates, a generally fun person to be around, possessed of a genuinely impressive work ethic, and a leader in the making.

Other people may have different standards, but those are the kinds of qualities I want my president to have.

Romney’s Harvard days are much better at giving us an indication as to the kind of man Romney was to become, and therefore deserve a lot more media attention than do his high school days. Romney may have been a bully in one instance in high school, but he certainly did not grow up to be a bully. But Romney did grow up to exemplify the virtues of high intelligence, dedication, loyalty, good-heartedness, and devotion to work and duty that he demonstrated while at Harvard. If the media wants to be an honest broker during this election cycle, it will devote significantly more time and attention to Romney’s Harvard days than it will to the time that he spent at Cranbrook.

Of course, it is an open question as to whether the media wants to be an honest broker during this election cycle.

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