Congratulations to François Hollande

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on May 6, 2012

Not just for having won the presidency in France, but also for scaring the wealthy out of the country. I am sure that the resulting reduced tax base will do wonders for the French government’s ability to collect revenue, and that a flight of the successful from France will do wonders for the French economy.

Or, you know, not.

Just when you thought that Europe could not have more problems . . .

  • Michael Fisk

    On the bright side, the exodus of “Francaises riches” may very well end up replacing a lot of the haute cuisine in Manhattan that Bloomberg scared off with his salt nannying.

  • Stephenalbert

    And not just in Manhattan. 

    Montreal is hardly Manhattan. Nor do we offer many of opportunities of the United States. Yet when I cross the street to buy a baguette,I often chat with owner of the bakery who is French. 

    Astounding as it is to those of us to live here, there have been many people who’ve fled the over-bureaucratized society in France to settle here. And that was before Hollande. who many of them voted for ,instituted some his pie in the sky schemes.

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