Wish for the Day

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on April 22, 2012

I like France and the French, and so I would never hope for any ill to fall upon the country. Instead, I would like to create an alternative universe with an alternative France and millions of alternative French, in which an alternative Jean-Luc Mélenchon who acts just like the real one is elected president, just to show how everything that communists touch turns to ashes.

In the present world, it is enough to point out that Mélenchon is a complete hypocrite. He hates the rich. And yet . . .

Mélenchon, the man who defends the proletariat, is sitting in a first-class train carriage, chewing strawberry sweets. He sees no contradiction in travelling in comfort, saying he earns a decent wage as an MEP, doesn’t own a car, avoids flying. Even if he has got a Paris flat and a house in the country, he says he has simple tastes. “I don’t have much imagination for spending money.”

A laughable attempt to disguise the fact that Mélenchon is the very rich man he enjoys denouncing in his rallies. Oh, and like other communists, he is a fan of brutal totalitarianism:

Mélenchon’s critics have called him a “little Chávez a la française”, saying he’s a friend of Castro’s Cuba or favours China over the Tibet struggle. He brushes this aside, saying Tibet “is used as a pretext to put permanent pressure on Beijing, which reacts like the authoritarian government that it is”. Of the Dalai Lama, he says: “I’m hostile to theocracy. I don’t agree with religion in politics.” But he adds: “I’ve never been a partisan of violence against anyone.”

If one favors China in the struggle over Tibet, then one is a de facto partisan of violence, seeing as how the Chinese regularly perpetrate violence against Tibetans who get it in their heads to resist Beijing’s heavy hand. There is absolutely no gainsaying that fact.

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