Obama Campaign Fail

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on April 20, 2012

Democratic senator Joe Manchin is not sure that he will vote for Barack Obama in November. I am sure that he will be accused of disloyalty in short order, and I am also sure that Manchin is in something of a tough spot since the president is not all that popular in Manchin’s home state of West Virginia. But it is still telling that a Democratic senator is stating that he might be unable to vote for the leader of his own party.

Equally telling: Jon Corzine, the guy responsible for the failure of MF Global, and the subject of investigation for MF Global’s downfall, is bundling for Barack Obama. Just imagine what the media reaction would be if Corzine were a Republican, and was working to raise money for the Romney campaign. Given the shenanigans with MF Global, the outrage would kindle forest fires. And rightly so, I might add.

Now tell me why we should be any less outraged over the fact that Corzine is bundling for the Obama campaign, especially given the possibility that he might be expecting some kind of a quid pro quo for his efforts; the president leaning on the Justice Department and/or Democrats in Congress to lay off investigating Corzine as a reward for his efforts to help the Democratic presidential ticket.

Some enterprising journalist should ask serious questions about both of these developments, and should not stop until the White House is made distinctly and publicly uncomfortable. Because it should be uncomfortable about the possible defection of a Democratic senator, and the political activities of a former Democratic governor and senator currently being investigated for the collapse of a large financial services firm.

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