Ignoring the Obvious

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on April 7, 2012

Andrew Sullivan has a blog post entitled “How Should One Pick A Veep?” He answers by stating “Basically, the opposite of how McCain picked his.” Elaborating, he offers the following excerpt:

Think of it this way: it’s tough being a politician. No matter what your goals are, you’re always having to compromise. The vice-presidential nomination is one place where playing politics doesn’t seem to work. So I suggest forgetting the cleverness and forgetting about the idea that voters choose candidates based on their looks, and just picking the person you actually think would do the best job. Ruling out the Quayles, the Bidens, and the Palins . . . that wouldn’t be such a bad idea, both as politics and as policy.

(Emphasis mine.) If you are going to rule out “the Bidens,” doesn’t that also mean that you have to do the opposite of what then-Senator Obama did in picking a vice presidential candidate?

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