A Note For Think Progress

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on April 15, 2012

Not that I believe that the denizens of the Center for American Progress are all that educable, but I am hoping to teach them via this blog post that there is a huge difference between saying that moms who are receiving welfare benefits ought to find work, and saying that Ann Romney ought to be criticized because she never worked outside the home. If Ann Romney were on welfare, she should have to find a job outside the home. Those who receive welfare benefits ought to find jobs as soon as possible so that they no longer have to be on welfare. It’s not a free ride, after all.

Because Ann Romney isn’t, and never has been on welfare, comments made concerning moms on welfare don’t apply to her. As such, there is no contradiction in saying “stay-at-home moms ought to have their choice respected,” and “moms who lose their jobs, and apply for welfare benefits, have to work to find a job outside the home in order to continue to receive those benefits.”

I trust that I made things simple for the CAP folks in explaining all of this, though something tells me that they will either continue to play dumb, or actually be dumb when it comes to this issue.

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