Ted Frank on Mitt Romney’s Wealth

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on March 31, 2012

Well put:

. . . We already know Mitt Romney is rich; rich people can buy nice things that you and I can’t afford; that sort of advantage of being rich creates an incentive to create wealth that makes society better off.

[. . .]

Anyway, it’s not like Romney is a John Edwards hypocrite lecturing about poverty and inequality while spending campaign money on a mistress or an Al Gore hypocrite lecturing about the environment while leaving a huge carbon footprint or a Barack Obama hypocrite taking advantage of a backscratching land deal with Tony Rezko to be able to live in his own big house. One wishes Romney would stop treating the wealth as an embarrassment, rather than a signal of his previous success.

The San Diego news story is a good example of the phenomenon. Why is the story “Romney is so rich, his home has a lobbyist” rather than “California makes it so hard to create jobs that actually make things, that Romney’s home needs a lobbyist”?

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