On Misogyny

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on March 4, 2012

Alas, a great many media figures engage in it. But only those who are found on the starboard side of the political divide are made to feel any real consequences for their acts.

And of course, the port side of the Blogosphere and the punditocracy–you know, the folks who like to lecture the rest of the planet about what the proper political tone ought to be–have nothing whatsoever to say about the media misogyny of the likes of Olbermann, Matthews, Schultz, Taibbi, and Maher. Their silence is an act of pure hypocrisy, which leads me to wonder why it is that we should listen to them about anything.

  • Anonymous

    Deep down inside a lot of lefties were popping champagne bottles in their heads when Rush made those remarks. They love the smell of conservative gaffes in the morning. It smells like…victory. Depriving those scoundrels of ammo serves conservative self-interests as well as common decency.

  • Stephen

    Well, here at least is one boomer politician, unlike most, who demonstrates the old pols’ practice of turning the question asked into the question he wants asked and then answering it:


    Most boomer pols are the palest shadows of their predecessors. Boomer pols and journalists: locked in a death-spiral of decadence. 

  • Stephen

    I see that Richard Fernandez takes note of the same interview:


    The difference between Romney and Gingrich? Romney will lose with so much more grace. Above all else, one must be graceful and eschew lighting one’s hair on fire.

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