How Super Was Tuesday for Mitt Romney?

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on March 7, 2012

Relatively super. As of this writing, Romney has been confirmed as the winner in Idaho, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Virginia. He is leading handsomely in Wyoming, with a little over a quarter of the vote in. His lead in Ohio–the big prize–is a mere percentage point over Santorum, but this is with 99% of the returns in, so it would appear that Romney will win the Buckeye State as well. I am sure that this will not be considering an overwhelming enough win for Romney detractors, who will insist that the race remains wide open. That, of course, is not right, but so long as the perception exists that Romney does not have the race wrapped up, his campaign’s image of strength will be undermined. It is more accurate to say that while Romney is the the clear favorite for the Republican nomination, the unwillingness of Santorum, Gingrich, and Ron Paul to recognize this fact may serve to harm Romney by drawing out the contest for the Republican nomination still further.

Speaking of Paul, as of this writing, he hasn’t won a single state ever since the Republican primary and caucus race began, which of course leads Andrew Sullivan to opine that it’s been “[a] great night for Ron Paul.” Between Sullivan’s shameless boosterism for Paul–which he engages in when he is not busy engaging in shameless boosterism for Barack Obama–and his baseless allegations that the Netanyahu government has teamed up with GOP “neocons” to try to deny Barack Obama a second term (why, I wonder, aren’t the Syrian and Iranian governments ever accused of scheming against President Obama? Could it be because their Jewish populations are relatively smaller than Israel’s?), Sullivan’s blogging has become farcically and exasperatingly predictable. I would demand more original fare from Sullivan, but I don’t want to increase the supply of nonsense he feeds into the Blogosphere on a daily basis.

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