An Open Letter to President Obama

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on March 3, 2012


Telling people that you don’t bluff is a tremendously useless exercise, seeing as how most people don’t go around advertising to the rest of the planet that they are bluffing. Even if some people are willing to tell others that they are bluffing, in many cases, that kind of statement may itself be a double bluff. Indeed, by insisting to the rest of us that you don’t bluff–and having once famously told Eric Cantor not to call your bluff (query: Why would you phrase it that way, seeing as how you supposedly don’t bluff?)–you might actually convince us that you do indeed bluff, since the overwhelming number of people who actually do not bluff don’t feel the need to insist to anyone who will listen that they don’t bluff.

I trust that you will take this advice in the friendly spirit with which it was offered. And when I assure you that it is offered as friendly advice, I am not bluffing.

Or am I?


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