Tumbling Around the Intertubes: February 15, 2012

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on February 15, 2012

Longtime readers will recall that I had an “Around the Intertubes” feature on this blog, which went away due to general laziness on my part. Now that I have started up a Tumblr blog, with lots of “Around the Intertubes”-ish material on it, I have decided to bring the category back under a slightly new name. I can’t guarantee that I will post on Tumbling Around the Intertubes every day, but I will try to write a post a day that offers readers quick links to items on my Tumblr site that might be especially interesting. I should note that there is a feed to the Tumblr on the column immediately to the right of the blog posts on this site; so you can check out all of the content that is there. Because the feed is so slow to update, however, you may want to go to the site itself to check out all of the content there. And if you are on Tumblr, be sure to follow me.

1. Puns are fun. Bad puns, especially so.

2. Pump that iron. It does a brain good.

3. A more efficient exercise routine.

4. Sleep patterns and Alzheimer’s Disease: They may be related.

5. Greatest. Sports fan. Ever.

6. The enthusiasm of laypeople–and its dangers.

7. Really, Wikipedia?

8. Seeing Earth from Mars.

9. Today would have been Galileo’s birthday. Behold one of his sayings. And here is his telescope.

10. The sacred coffee cycle.

11. Today would have also been Susan B. Anthony’s birthday.

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