Just When Mitt Romney Thinks He’s Out of a Competitive Nomination Contest . . .

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on February 8, 2012

Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri pull him back in.

Look, at the end of the day, Rick Santorum is not going anywhere. Missouri’s contest was for show only, and the actual caucus won’t occur until next month. Turnout in all three states was low as well. And Romney has more delegates by himself than do his three competitors combined. But last night’s results indicate that Republican voters continue to have something of a problem with Mitt Romney. He needs to overcome the opposition soon, or else perceptions that Romney is a weak candidate will harden, depressing turnout in the fall, and handing the election to President Obama.

What is frustrating from the standpoint of Republicans is that this presidential election should be there for the taking. Unemployment is still depressingly high, the angst amongst the populace is real and palpable, and this administration long ago ran out of ideas to bring the country back from the economic precipice (there certainly are ideas out there to revive the American economy, but Team Obama won’t take those ideas seriously, because they involve reducing government intervention). There ought to be no reason whatsoever why we can’t have a new president come January 20, 2013. But we continue to be caught up in a cycle in which each side seems willing to throw the election. And that raises the danger that Republicans will be the ones who make the crucial mistake that will earn Barack Obama a second term.

  • http://www.DougPoretz.com/ Doug Poretz

    Romney is making three big PR mistakes — these are not missteps but fundamental errors that are significantly undermining his chances at being a winner.  For details look here: http://dougporetz.com/blog/romneys-three-fundamental-pr-mistakes/ 

    I think the three mistakes are:  he’s wrong to adopt a position as the inevitable winner; I think his campaign  has an over-reliance on infrastructure and an under-reliance on message; and nobody is going to feel comfortable with him because he doesn’t give any signs that he feels comfortable with himself.  See the link for explanations.

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