Just in Case You Thought We Had Turned The Corner on Jobs

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on February 22, 2012

Along comes Gallup to inform us that there is trouble ahead:

Unemployment could rise back to 9 percent of the U.S. population in Feburary, according to a Gallup survey released Tuesday, painting a grim picture for the Obama administration, which had been temporarily buoyed by promising jobs figures at the end of January.

Gallup’s mid-month reading, which traditionally previews the government report issued at the end of the month, shows a rise of seven-tenths of a percentage from the 8.3 percent unemployment rate at the end of January. That would be the worst unemployment figure since September of last year.

[. . .]

“Regardless of what the government reports, Gallup’s unemployment and underemployment measures show a sharp deterioration in job market conditions since mid-January,” the firm said in a statement accompanying the release of the data.

One imagines that Team Obama–along with bloggers determined to misunderstand everything so long as misunderstanding helps the president’s re-election prospects–will ignore the Gallup report until such time when its predictions are confirmed.

Once they are confirmed, they will revive their traditional practice of blaming George W. Bush for everything that goes wrong during Barack Obama’s time in office.

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