I Think I Have Finally Figured Out the Pattern of the 2012 Presidential Election

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on February 7, 2012

It is as follows: Republicans continue to underperform against a weak president, while the president insists on making himself weaker. (More here.) I don’t know who in the Obama administration had the bright idea of angering the Catholic church in advance of the elections, but it would be shocking if that person has not lost his/her job by now. To be sure, there are no monolithic voting groups in America, and many Catholics may pay no mind to this development. But every vote is going to count in this very close election, so it is hard to understand why Team Obama decided to leave potentially millions of votes on the table for Republicans to pick up.

Oh, I am sure that it is the Republicans’ turn to make a dumb mistake. But it truly is amazing to behold all of the things Team Obama is doing to make the president’s political life so difficult, and it is especially amazing to consider the possibility that the president himself may have been behind this dramatic political miscalculation. Mitt Romney must thank his lucky stars every day for some of Barack Obama’s personnel choices, and the way those personnel choices have done their jobs. They might help bring about a Republican victory.

  • Stephen


    We’ve entered the realm of counterfactual history; historical what-ifs like: What if George H.W. Bush, rather than Reagan, had run against Carter? We may soon find out.

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