by Pejman Yousefzadeh on January 21, 2012

Let’s be clear about something: Andrew Adler, the complete lunatic who called for the assassination of President Obama as part of some bizarre, nonsensical plan to preserve Israel from any existential threats, deserves all of the opprobrium thrown at him. His comments were despicable, and I hope and trust that the Secret Service is on him like white on rice. I presume that my sentiments are entirely non-controversial.

But I am interested in the following observation from Andrew Sullivan, who posits the following: “Telling that a pro-Greater Israel fanatic thinks it’s conceivable for the ‘most inner circles’ of an ally to attempt to assassinate the president of the United States.”

And that is “telling” . . . how? Does Sullivan mean to imply that the idea of assassinating the president has been mainstreamed amongst “Greater Israel” types? Does Sullivan mean to imply that “most inner circles” of Israel think that it is “conceivable” to assassinate the president? What exactly is being stated here?

I read Andrew Adler’s comments as those of a lone moron who obviously did not think before he hit the “publish” button on his comments. But I have no evidence whatsoever with which to state that other “Greater Israel” types, or people within “most inner circles” of Israel feel the way Adler does. And neither does Sullivan.

To be fair to Sullivan, the last line of his post–which I quoted–does not appear to be all that well-written, so perhaps I am misinterpreting what he is trying to say. But to the extent that Sullivan is arguing that other “Greater Israel” types (some of whom might actually not be fanatics–and in the event that it is necessary for me to point this out, I favor a two-state solution, so I am the last person to be confused for a “Greater Israel” type, fanatic or not), or “inner circles” within Israel share Adler’s sentiments, perhaps he would be kind enough to offer proof for that kind of argument.

Either that, or stop trying to use Adler’s lunacy as a convenient excuse to attack people Sullivan doesn’t like politically–if that, indeed, is what Sullivan is trying to do.

  • Anonymous

    The term ‘Greater Israel Type’ is a wholly antisemitic construction of Andrew Sullivan.  It possesses that cowardly disingenuousness that tiptoes around saying ‘Jews’ outright, in awareness that such a blanket pronouncement would be unacceptable in civil discourse, but nonetheless implies Jews.

    Of course, Jews, registering in at nearly eighty percent, voted for Obama in with greater enthusiasm than the gay community, or any other community besides African-Americans, for that matter, and by that fact alone ought to acquit themselves of Sullivan’s innuendoes of racism.  

    But Andrew Sullivan is stinking bigot who now practices the basest forms of racism and antisemitism, in the most craven, resentful and vicious way.  Picking a single idiot, totally anomalous in this particular instance, and suggesting he is representative of a greater community is the easiest, most tried and true method of tarring a group as a whole, and the most readily practiced by the kind of dumb, degraded, hate-filled minds like Sullivan’s, animated as he is by petty grievances that he seeks to redress through slander and racial incitement.

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