Now Also Eponymously on Tumblr!

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on January 14, 2012

I have decided to create an eponymous Tumblr blog that I want to direct readers to. It is not meant to displace this blog by any means, and blogging will certainly continue here, but I do want to have a site that can serve as a sort of public Internet commonplace book, where I can post on various subjects that catch my fancy, while at the same time allowing this blog to keep its focus on sociopolitical, economic, legal, philosophical, foreign policy/national security issues–with the occasional book review, sports commentary, and discussion of movies and games thrown in.

The beauty of Tumblr is that it allows for the kind of microblogging that one finds on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook, while at the same time allowing for more long-form analysis as well, as Patrick Ruffini notes. I am private with Twitter, relatively private with Google+, and very private with Facebook, so I was interested in finding a social media vehicle that would make me more . . . well . . . sociable. Tumblr appears to be serving my purposes rather well in that regard. Occasionally, you may find posts on Tumblr that are cross-posted here, but I really hope to keep that kind of thing to a minimum, and let the Tumblr site fulfill another role altogether.

So for those of you with Tumblr accounts, I hope that you will follow me. It’s on the blogroll, so it is easy to find; just check for my name. And whether or not you have one, I hope that you will visit the site often, while at the same time making sure to continue to visit this one as well.

  • Michael Fisk

    Oddly enough, I’m using the same theme on my Tumblr… although I really need to be more regular in posting to it.

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