Feet of Clay

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on January 27, 2012

If President Obama secures re-election, it will only be because of the weakness of whoever the Republican nominee is. Whatever the shortcomings of that nominee, it is clear that the American people are tuning this president out.

How far we have come from the days when this president was considered a political titan. Now, he is increasingly being viewed as the Man from Yesterday. Barack Obama should thank his lucky stars that the Republican field is less than impressive; if the GOP fielded more of an A-team, this president would likely be preparing a move back to Chicago.

  • Darren Gasser

    The conclusion is unsupported by the linked data. You’d have to compare tuning data from past SOTUs to determine whether behavior has actually changed. 

    I suspect a lot of people tune away in the first 5 minutes every SOTU — they were turning on whatever network expecting to see usual programming, and when that isn’t on, they switch.

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