All Right, Mayans. Bring It.

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on January 1, 2012

The hardworking staff here at A Chequer-Board of Nights and Days wishes you and yours a very happy, healthy, wealthy, prosperous, and successful New Year. May delight and wisdom reign amongst you and your friends, and may confusion reign amongst your enemies.

  • Anonymous

    As we close the books on 2011, I’d like to nominate Dan Savage for quote of the year:

    “And Ron may not like gay people, and may not want to hang out with us or use our toilets, but he’s content to leave us the fuck alone and recognizes that gay citizens are entitled to the same rights as all other citizens.”

    Isn’t that superb?  He’s sort of saying that gay people will be apart somehow…but with the same rights as all other citizens.  Separate in a way, what with different bathrooms…and yet equal under the law.  Separate but equal.

    What a great idea!  It’s amazing it hasn’t been tried before.

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