by Pejman Yousefzadeh on January 6, 2012

Not being content with supporting a candidate who either has entirely insane views, or allows those who do to send out newsletters in his name, various Ron Paul supporters have decided to show that there is no bottom to their fundamental lack of decency:

Republican presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman, who often speaks movingly of his adopted daughters while on the campaign trail, said Friday that Ron Paul’s supporters were out of line in using the girls to argue that he is un-American.

An online ad posted by “NHLiberty4Paul” includes video footage of Huntsman, the former ambassador to China, with daughter Gracie when she was an infant. It also shows Huntsman holding Asha shortly after she was adopted from India.

“American values? Or Chinese?” the ad asks, ending with “Vote Ron Paul.”

To be fair, the following summarizes the public position of the Paul campaign:

A message sent to the ad’s creator was not immediately returned. Paul’s New Hampshire spokeswoman, Kate Schackai, said Friday she didn’t know who was behind the ad, but it wasn’t anyone affiliated with the campaign.

“The video was utterly distasteful and no one who actually supports Dr. Paul’s principles would have made it,” she said.

Fine and good, but if the Paul campaign is so outraged and disgusted, then let it take measure to ensure that NHLiberty4Paul is recognized as an entity that does not speak for the Paul campaign in any way. Let Paul himself denounce them, and state unequivocally that he does not want their support.

I am willing to bet that he won’t do that. In the meantime, let’s all remind ourselves that when you get Ron Paul, you get his crazy supporters too. In related news, when you lie down with dogs . . . oh, I am sure you can finish the rest.

UPDATE: Seeing as how various Paulites have decided to come here to make various disingenuous arguments, I’ll state upfront the implementation of a rebuttable presumption that Paulite comments on this blog ought to be deleted, with their authors banned. As I write, the presumption is rebuttable; if a Paulite is actually seen as grappling in good faith, I’ll let the comments stand, and will not tinker with the status of good-faith commenters. But I don’t expect to see many of this species make an appearance here.

  • Joe

    This was clearly an ad created by someone trying to smear Paul’s name. No real Paul supporter would actually make something like this. If you go to that video’s comment boards you’ll see how upset Paul’s supporters are and them asking the poster to remove the video.

    I remember in 08, and a couple years to follow, there was a user by the name of barackobamaexpress who would go around posting the most asinine and inflammatory garbage. I hit called him on this and he just ran around in verbal circles.
    It was clear as day it was a McCain, or Republican, supporter.

    But do articles such as the negative ones you and the writers of this site any different? Always negative and name-calling for the hopes of helping another candidate out who is not Paul?

    Hypocrisy is the last to see its own self.

    Ron Paul 2012

  • Fjsldkf

    You do realize that the desperate Huntsman campaign is behind this.

    • Pejman Yousefzadeh

      You do realize that there is no proof whatsoever for that claim, and that the facts are entirely against it.

  • The Federal Farmer

    Pejman_Yousefzadeh, Paul gets 46,000 new donors. He disavowed this silly ad. Is that enough for you?
    If not, I suggest that there is evidence to show that another campaign is up to no good. See http://www.dailypaul.com/200878/huntsman-campaign-made-racist-video-to-slander-ron-paul

    • Pejman Yousefzadeh

      You actually expect me to take that seriously. All assertion, no proof, and you expect me to believe that the Huntsman campaign made that video?

      Congratulations on making it clear that no further time ought to be wasted in talking to you.

      • Kacurov

        Pejman, I don’t think you were being fair. First, if you need proof that Paul disavowed it, do a google search and you’ll see plenty of evidence.

        On that note, you must be relying on your pulik ejukashun because I never said that the Huntsman campaign made the video.

        • Kacurov

          Just to be clear, when you go to the Daily Paul site, you’ll see which campaign was the first to bring this video to light. There is proof of this in the link that I posted above. It was the Huntsman campaign. They didn’t for a moment create this ad. I don’t believe that at all. However, they tried to use it to their advantage. So to that extent, Huntsman gets no mercy. On the other hand, the ad is just patently stupid but only to the extent that it makes comments about his adopted daughters.

          Huntsman is to be applauded for his daughters but not his globalist views which include such propositions as U.S. Sovereignty is no longer a useful concept…..See?

      • Peter N

        on that case, the onus is on you to brove that the paul campaign made that video?  where is YOUR proof?  Our circumstantial evidence is far more damning than yours so far.

        • Pejman Yousefzadeh

          I didn’t write that the Paul campaign made the video. Learn how to read.

          • Peter N

             All assertion, no proof, and you expect me to believe that the Huntsman campaign made that video?
            can you speak english?

          • Pejman Yousefzadeh

            You really don’t know how to read. You wrote in your earlier comment “on that case, the onus is on you to brove that the paul campaign made that video? where is YOUR proof? ” Again, I didn’t accuse the Paul campaign of making the video. Again, learn how to read. And yes, I know English, but it appears that you do not, as your response made no sense whatsoever, and in no way addressed what I wrote to you.

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