Who Is Anti-Science?

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on December 28, 2011

Everyone, actually. Not just Republicans. Everyone in politics is anti-science when there are votes to be had, or when the application of scientific principles offends personal preferences. To claim that Republicans somehow have a lock on being anti-science–as is done commonly on the port side–is absurd. The facts clearly undermine such a claim.

At the end of his article, Ronald Bailey concludes that on the issues discussed, Republicans are more anti-science. It is difficult to see how that is the case, as Democrats commit some major anti-science whoppers, but even if Bailey’s claim is true, the difference between the Republicans and the Democrats is so small as to be utterly inconsequential.

  • Anonymous

    are skeptical of the scientific
    consensus on man-made global warming

    Um, what’s wrong with that – or with being skeptical about the claims of scientific consensus? Why wouldn’t the average human being question the claim that a trace percentage of greenhouse gases drives the climate?

    How did a Reason Magazine writer manage to discuss bad science with no mention of DDT? Or the claim that solar and wind power can collectively reduce demand for fossil-fuel-burning plants?

    If someone were to keep an anti-science scorecard, different topics should be weighted differently, according to how widely known the knowledge is and how well it can be grasped in the first place. Average folks can understand evolution only as well as they can understand Star Trek transporter technology; they know what it’s supposed to do, but they don’t know how to fact-check the claim that the process involved even exists. The science behind DDT and Gardasil are layman-comprehensible but (sadly) not widely known. Same goes for the forms of nuclear power that carry little to no change of nuclear meltdown. The limited potential of wind and solar power should be obvious to anyone with a 9th-grade education or better, so that claim gets more weighting than any of the others listed.

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