The Attempt to Recall Scott Walker

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on December 14, 2011

It is a farce:

The signatures of Mickey Mouse and Adolf Hitler will be counted on recall petitions targeting Gov. Scott Walker as long as they are properly dated and include a Wisconsin address, the board charged with reviewing the petitions was told Tuesday.

Suspicious signatures will be noted when the Government Accountability Board reviews the petitions, but reviewers will look to see that signatures are accompanied by a Wisconsin address and are dated as having been signed during the circulation period, board elections specialist David Buerger said.

“We will flag them, but we will not strike them without challenge,” Buerger said after being asked whether Mickey Mouse’s signature would be counted. He noted that in previous recall petitions, Adolf Hitler’s name was struck because the address given was in Germany, not because of the name itself.

I don’t really have to write anything more on how absurd this is, do I? Under this proposal, recall organizers could simply supply all of the required names by giving the board fake names, and real addresses, and get away with the scheme. After all, is the board actually going to go to all–or any–of the listed addresses to find out whether Mickey Mouse or Adolf Hitler really does live at a particular address?

  • Acad Ronin

    The way to fight this is to go with the flow. Start a number of petitions calling for secession from the US, amendments to the state constitution barring adults from running, etc., with pre-printed addresses from some database. Then have volunteers sign them all with fictitious names. Under the rules these are valid petitions. Inundate the Board with valid (under its rules) fraudulent petitions and see what happens.

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