Rewarding Responsible Rhetoric

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on December 10, 2011

There is much that can be said and written about Mitt Romney’s propensity to pander. But I am glad to see that he did not pander here. Of course, his comments were entirely correct, and it is nice to know that a potential president of the United States is seeking to be temperate and sober in his choice of words.

Speaking of sober rhetoric, the following from Chequer-Board friend Ben Domenech, written on the Transom this past Thursday, ought to be framed and placed in the headquarters of every single Republican candidate for every single political office in the country–not to mention the offices of quite a few Democratic candidates who are trying to run away from this president:

It’s beginning to amaze me how many people on the right really think Obama is the worst president ever, at everything, an idea underscored by their reaction to his Kansas speech. Don’t get me wrong, he’s presided over the most disastrous economic policy of my lifetime. But there are so many worse presidents, by every measure of scandalous failure at the office. Buoyed by his successful foreign policy approach and his retention of Bush-era security policies, I wouldn’t put him in the bottom ten. (Maybe in his second term he’ll get there—everybody’s gotta have a dream!). From the bottom: Wilson, LBJ, Harding, Carter, Johnson, Grant, Pierce, Tyler, Fillmore, Buchanan, Hoover, and Nixon were all worse—push it to 14 if Harrison and Taylor get Incompletes. Keep in mind: when Tyler died, his passing wasn’t even recognized by Washington because this former president had endorsed taking up arms against the Union. Bush Derangement Syndrome was an awful, evil thing. And while this president is a meandering failure, in over his head, and unable to offer anything but terrible costly big government answers to the challenges of the day. But the right needs to remember: He’s not pure evil. He’s just plain wrong.

Quite so.

  • Pat Dooley

    Remember when Obama made a big thing about Mexican cartels buying guns from US gun dealers and how that required more gun control? Back in 2009, a commentator wrote:  ”During a speech in Mexico yesterday, President Obama commented that 90% of the guns used by Mexican drug cartels are bought in the U.S. from gun shops and gun shows along the U.S. / Mexican border.
    Considering his comments, it seems that his tone pretty much falls in line with similar comments from the likes of Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder.” ( This was before Fast and Furious had any exposure, so one can’t say the commentator was trying to link Fast and Furious to Obama. Yet, it transpires that the Obama administration was forcing gun dealers to sell to cartels. It also laundered money on behalf of the cartels. ( Maybe underlings in the DOJ and ATF authorized these abominations, but I doubt it. The early lies from Obama and company on this issue suggest they knew about it. An American border agent was murdered by this program. Hundreds of Mexicans have died. This seems like a particularly evil way to destroy our second amendment rights.

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