Priorities (A Continuing Series)

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on December 27, 2011

With all of the economic, social, and political problems facing Iran, it continues to amaze that members of the Iranian government persist in involving themselves in the regulation of women’s clothing. And yet, that particular obsession remains a constant. If as much time and energy were devoted to bettering the lives of Iranians, and ensuring that the country were not a pariah amongst nations, Iran could have the enviable status its leaders claim that it already possesses in their daily propaganda reports.

As it is, we have yet another data point indicating that the Iranian leadership class is not worthy of the Iranian people, and that in addition to an Arab Spring, a Persian Spring is also needed in the Middle East. As for that Arab Spring, if it leads to the rise of Islamic fundamentalists in Arab countries, the people of those countries might also find themselves with a leadership class that meddles in issues it has no business meddling in, while at the same time neglecting important issues and problems.

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