Of Smallpox and Scandals

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on November 12, 2011

Smallpox may or may not be a threat, and vaccines against it may or may nor work. But when a particular vaccine manufacturer gets favorable treatment from the Obama Administration by having Health and Human Services negotiators who drive a hard bargain replaced, and when other firms are blocked from competing for a contract to make a smallpox vaccine, then you have to wonder precisely what that particular vaccine manufacturer may have done in order to merit special favors from the Administration.

Perhaps the fact that the manufacturer’s controlling shareholder is a bigtime Democratic donor might help explain what is going on.

If the use of smallpox as a weapon of mass destruction really is a threat–and I believe that it might be–then I would like to think that the U.S. government’s response to it will employ the best vaccine manufacturers around, not just those who get government contracts because they give money to the party of Hope and Change, which incidentally, has done nothing whatsoever to actually deliver Hope and Change to anyone.

And you thought that Solyndra-style cronyism might become a thing of the past. Silly you.

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