I Haven’t Forgotten About the Cainiacs

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on November 15, 2011

Are all of you embarrassed by your candidate yet?

If not, what will it take?

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    Ronald Reagan would have nailed this question to the wall, but he spent years reading and writing on these issues, and unlike how he was portrayed by the national media, he was well versed in a broad range of topics, both domestic and internationally.  But that was then.  Cain does not know who the president of Uzbekistan is.  He may not even be able to pronounce it, and he doesn’t really care.  By repeating 9-9-9 he is saying that the primary problem we face today is the domestic economic situation, which is grave.  Whatever policy decision a future President Cain would have over Libya, it would be grounded in a realistic assessment of the world and abide by the Constitutional limits on presidential authority far more so than the current president.  If Cain could beat Obama than that’s a trade worth making.

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