Checking Up On the Occupy Movement

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on November 18, 2011

So, let’s review the latest. The Occupy movement is . . .

1. Incompetent:

. . . a contingent of protesters decided to storm City Hall, but unknowingly ran to the Department of Education building on Chambers Street. Once there, they comically chanted, “Bloomberg must go! Bloomberg must go!”

Finally, one of the clueless demonstrators realized the mistake and told the others: “This isn’t City Hall?”

They then ran to 1 Centre Street, where one exclaimed: “There it is! That’s City Hall!” and the chanting resumed.

2. Filled with a bunch of creepy stalkers who think that terrorizing kids is fun.

3. Not the movement to associate with if you care a whit about your health.

4. Determined to shut down your ability to speak out, and determined not to give you an ounce of consideration if you disagree with them politically; and . . .

5. Perfectly willing to respect your free speech rights, and glad to give you all of the consideration in the world, if in the past, you were a domestic terrorist.

Is it any wonder that the aspiring politician who claims to have laid down the “intellectual foundation” for the Occupy movement now doesn’t want to be seen to have anything to do with them?

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