That Sound You Hear in the Distance is Me Screaming in Frustration

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on October 27, 2011

We might have had a Middle East peace deal during the Bush Administration that featured unprecedented concessions on the part of Israel (ever notice how it is always Israel that makes the concessions?), but the Palestinian Authority once again proved Abba Eban right by not missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

The deal could not be revived later in the Bush Administration because the government of Ehud Olmert was too scandal-ridden to follow through on it. And it wasn’t revived during the Obama Administration because the President and his team drastically miscalculated in designing and implementing their approach to Middle East peace. Team Obama naturally thought that nothing that happened during the Bush Administration could ever have been good, and therefore did not even attempt to build on existing opportunities, thinking that the Middle East peace process would be better served if Barack Obama led the foreign policy establishment in re-inventing the wheel.

That didn’t turn out all that well, now did it? And this latter revelation serves as yet another reason why foreign policy should not be the bragging point for Team Obama in the upcoming Presidential campaign that many Obamaphiles believe that it might be.

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