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by Pejman Yousefzadeh on October 19, 2011

With Ben Domenech, Matt Lewis, and Guy Benson on last night’s GOP Presidential debate.

I suppose that I should add that I don’t quite know why people think that Rick Perry did all that well. Admittedly, he was not as comatose as he was in previous debates, but that is quite the low bar to clear, nyet? Perry’s performance struck me as hackish and desperate, with the attack on Romney for supposedly hiring illegals appearing forced. The crowd–which admittedly, was strongly pro-Romney from the outset–hated it, and actually booed Perry, and even given the crowd’s bias, the booing made Perry look bad on television. Yes, Romney had a bad moment with his “I can’t hire illegals because I am running for office” line, and yes, that line will be repeated in commercials and future debates (dear God, there are going to be more debates), but generally, Romney took punches well, and as I mentioned on the podcast, if this debate helps stiffen and strengthen Romney’s jaw so that he can take future punches well, then ultimately, the Romney camp will look back fondly on the way the debate went. Romney showed that he could punch right back at Perry; his line that Perry had to be nasty since he had had some bad debates previously was a good one, and clearly infuriated the Texas Governor.

Oh, and Perry really should work on his facial expressions during a debate. He seems to have two looks: The first is “out of it,” and the second–this was apparent when Romney was baiting him–is “HULK SMASH!!!” Maybe that’s why conservatives increasingly dislike Perry.

  • Jacqueline Gamache

    No mention of Ron Paul? Would you like me to uncircle you?

    • Pejman Yousefzadeh

      I hope you don’t, but I didn’t think he was newsworthy.

  • Jacqueline Gamache

    No mention of Ron Paul? Would you like me to uncircle you?

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