Muammar Qaddafi is Dead

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on October 20, 2011

And no one with decent sensibilities will miss him–certainly not the Libyan people, who have had to suffer his brutality and tyranny for over four decades. It is a good thing when tyrants depart the Earth, and October 20, 2011 will count as one of the happier days in both Libyan history, and human history overall. Of that, there can be little doubt.

Unfortunately, none of this disguises the fact that we all ought to be seriously concerned about the operation that took Qaddafi down. The deceased colonel’s regime was a brutal one, but there were no American national security interests at stake in Operation Odyssey Dawn. To be sure, there were significant humanitarian issues involved in the execution of Odyssey Dawn, but military action was taken by the Obama Administration without any effort whatsoever to get Congressional approval, and with little effort to engage the American public in order to get popular support. This is a bad precedent. It is worth noting anew that the supposed Imperial President, George W. Bush, got authorizations to use military force in both Afghanistan, and Iraq, while the Obama Administration was almost proud of the fact that it bypassed Congress entirely.

Of course, very few of the people who denounced the supposed Imperial Presidency of George W. Bush took the time to speak out against the Obama Administration for waging war without even a hint of Congressional approval. I guess it really comes as no surprise that hypocrisy runs deep in political and pundit circles, but one never really does get used to all of the double standards.

In any event, congratulations to the Libyan people. Here’s hoping for better days for them.

  • Gustav Leydenjar

    Qaddafi was as bad as they come. We should not have presided over his torture by a lynch mob though, and our Secretary of State should not have crowed “we came, we saw, he died”.  We should hope that the execution of Qaddafi will be the start of something better, but the manner in which he was dispatched does not inspire confidence in the rebels. I will congratulate the Libyan people when freedom reigns in their country.

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