I Hasten to Remind Readers that I Am No Fan of Sarah Palin

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on October 5, 2011

And I hasten to remind them as well that only the likes of Andrew Sullivan can cause me to have any sympathy whatsoever for her.

Note the following from Sullivan’s post:

. . . But the bottom line is: we can stop worrying about the threat she posed to this country. That is all I really cared about: the insane gamble with the world that John McCain foisted on us, with no vetting and no reason but desperation and cynicism.

Really? So that means no more obsessive Palin-blogging? That means Sullivan will hang it up and call it a career as an Internet gynecologist and obstetrician?

UPDATE: One of the lamest attempts to justify nonsense I have read in a long time. But that’s no surprise, now is it?

  • Steve

    Without vetting?  The man is dead to irony.

  • Nony

    It takes real courage and journalistic integrity for you to challenge Sullivan on this. Why won’t anyone else admit that this whole Trig story is utter nonsense?

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